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WebModia is a boutique web design studio specializing in standards-based website design, search engine optimization, and XHTML/CSS solutions

David Gowrie

Web designer and front-end engineer David Gowrie is WebModia's Founder and Principal Engineer. He personally manages every project and is dedicated to providing user-focused solutions that help our clients to maximize the impact and effectiveness of their websites.

With over a decade of experience working on the Web, David is at the forefront of a new generation of web designers dedicated to responsible website design. He is a strong advocate for Web Standards and accessibility, and ensures that all of WebModia's work is standards-compliant and conforming to modern best practices.

Prior to starting WebModia in 2006, David was a senior developer and project manager for an internet startup specializing in search engine marketing and social media. Previously, he worked as webmaster for one of the world's largest travel companies and has been building successful online business strategies throughout his career.

He is a professionally certified web developer with advanced experience working with front-end technologies including XHTML and CSS solutions. His passion for visual design combined with extensive knowledge in web accessibility, usability, SEO, and content management give David a solid foundation for crafting effective web solutions.

In addition to his technical expertise in web development, David has a background in journalism and marketing. He is also a bass player and likes to consider himself a music connoisseur.

For more information, visit David's LinkedIn profile.