WebModia | standards-based website design

WebModia is a boutique web design studio specializing in standards-based website design, search engine optimization, and XHTML/CSS solutions

Standards-Based Approach To Website Design

WebModia is dedicated to the Web Standards movement. As such, all of our work is balanced with a standards-based methodology.

What Are Web Standards?

Web Standards are basically standardized technologies and best practices for building websites as recommended by the W3C. The core methods of Web Standards are:

  • XHTML for semantic markup of content
  • CSS for presentation of content
  • JavaScript for interactivity and dynamic behavior of content

When properly implemented, Web Standards provide many advantages:

  • Faster loading pages due to decreased "code bloat"
  • Easier maintenance and quicker updates
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved search engine findability
  • Increased accessibility for more users on more browsers and devices
  • Forward-compatibility and support for future technologies

Improve Your Site with Web Standards

WebModia has advanced experience with standards-based website design. We not only understand the benefits of Web Standards but are well versed in effectively implementing standards-based solutions to help your website succeed in reaching your target audience and driving results.

Contact us to learn more about how we leverage Web Standards to create visually compelling websites that are flexible, search engine friendly, and as accessible as possible.